10 Summertime Meals Cooked on the Weber

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Everyone loves Summer but sometimes cooking for a crowd can be a bit challenging. That is where the trusty Weber has become the “go to” when cooking for the masses. The advantages of a Weber over other conventional BBQs is you can set and forget the dish and leave the kitchen free for the preparation of other things.

Whether you’re serving a 3 course meal, having a seafood fest or catering for a family of vegetarians – the Weber can handle it!


10 Easy to Cook Meals on the Weber This Summer


Seafood Paella


Zucchini and Corn Fritters


Caramelised Onion, Gorgonzola and Thyme Tartlets.


Turkey Roulade


Roast Pork


Roast Lamb


Mixed Berry Tartlet


Salt and Pepper Squid


Salmon with Herb Butter and Crispy Shallots


White Rocky Road Slice

Check out all the recipes from the list above and more!

What Else Can I Do to Make Summer Cooking Even Easier?


Success Is in the Preparation

The key to Summer cooking is preparation and organisation. The cook wants to enjoy the day as well (and that will most likely be you) so make it as easy as possible. Do as much as you can the day before such as preparing meat, vegetables, or possibly a dessert.

Have as much chopped, diced and sliced the night before. We don’t realise how much goes into the preparation. Throwing it all together is the easy part so make your day as stress free as possible.


Keep the Menu Simple

If you’re catering for over 6 people, try to keep the menu as simple as possible. Do  one pot cooking like paellas, roasts, vegetables. If you have to start individually cooking steaks or salmon to people’s preferences, that’s when you have to get really focused. If this is what you love to do then enjoy it but if you want to spend more time with the guests and family, a simple menu is best.


Be Ready with the Weber Treats

Have something prepared for when your guests are arriving, perhaps some asparagus wrapped in prosciutto or caramelized onion, gorgonzola and thyme tartlets, wow them from the minute they walk in with the door. The standard is usually platters of chips and dips they will fill up on that. However, getting their attention with good food from the start will always earn you extra brownie points.


You Can Cook Something on the Weber and Take It with You

Even if the get together is somewhere else you can still cook on the Weber and take the dish with you. If you are wondering how to transport meat without drying it out, take it off the Weber, wrap it in foil and place it in an esky. 

This way your meat will rest in the foil and the esky will keep it hot to warm for a good 2 – 4 hours. This is a great way of taking pressure off the host, especially when they need to do different dishes at varied temperatures.


Do Over Cater

Summer is like the finish line for most people. The year is nearly done, most people have a break from work, and we spend the Summer period with loved ones. By over catering you can cover yourself for a view days without having to cook again so when the kids ask “what can I eat” point them in the direction of the leftover meat and bread for their next snack.