Charcoal BBQ

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What is a charcoal bbq?

Using a Weber Charcoal bbq is a very popular cooking option when it comes to outdoor cooking and it is easy to use. You utilise the heat and smoke from charcoal as opposed to an open flame, by simply place charcoal beads in the grill pit of the barbeque, light them and wait for them to reach your desired temperature.  Higher temperatures require more charcoal, which you can add during the cooking process, it’s that simple.

Why choose a charcoal bbq?

There is one simple reason for choosing a charcoal barbeque.  Anything cooked on with charcoal tastes better.  The charcoal emits heat which cooks the meal but it also releases an aroma which smokes the meat so with each meal you will have a very unique flavour.

The difference between gas barbequing and charcoal barbecuing is that the gas option will cook the meat but the charcoal option will give it that rich smokey flavour that we all love.  There are different smoking chips that can be purchased so you can play around with different flavours to complement your meal.

An aromatic smell of a charcoal bbq will ensure you will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Charcoal barbecuing is a really healthy option.  All the fat falls from the meat into the fat tray.

You can also sit around the kettle barbeque and it will keep you warm whilst you’re cooking.

Anything you would cook on a normal bbq can be cooked on a charcoal bbq.

Cooking with charcoal is very economical.  If you briquettes are stored in a cool dry place, their shelf life in infinite.

How to set up a charcoal bbq

Follow these step by steps, to optimally setup your Weber Kettle bbq:

  • Take the lid of your Weber Kettle barbeque
  • Fully open all the vents.
  • Remove the cooking grill
  • Fill the baskets to the top edge with barbeque briquettes (charcoal)
  • Place 3 heat beads fire lighter cubes in each of the V shaped grooves of the fire grate.  If you do not have these V shaped grooves simply put the heat beads on top of the charcoal
  • Light the heat beads and then slide the baskets over the flame
  • Heat beads are ready when all of the briquettes are covered in a light coloured ash (approx. 35 mins)
  • Prepare for direct cooking, then set up the 2 baskets together to create a zoned heat source and replace the cooking grill
  • If you are cooking using the indirect method such as for roasting, place the baskets on either side of the barbeque, place a drip tray between the 2 baskets of briquettes and place the cooking grill onto the bbq
  • Be sure to wear bbq gloves or oven mitts to protect you from the heat
  • Once you have your food on the bbq, replace the lid and make sure the top vent is open.



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