Cook and travel with the weber go anywhere

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Food is one of lifes great joys. Let’s face it, we all need food to survive. Good food is essential to a healthy lifestyle. We are learning more about the properties of food and their goodness each day. Just as our flavours and tastes have changed, so too have our cooking methods.

There are many different ways to cook and serve food. For example, fat free, steamed, baked, slow cooked, barbequed, etc. If you use a range of different methods, you probably have a wide range of gadgets.

Weber Barbeques are the only cooking vessel you need to achieve all your cooking aspirations. You have the option of Weber Charcoal for that smokey flavour, or the Weber Gas for more traditional cooking. Weber cooking is the solution for every outdoor food experience. It will take the odours and mess outside and leave you free to do other things whilst the Weber does it all.

Weber Q is the Weber family’s most versatile barbeque. It can cook your roast, stir-fry’s, pizzas, breakfasts, cakes and the list goes on. Not only that, you can table mount the Q or have it permanently attached to the patio cart. But what if you don’t need a large barbeque in the backyard? Weber have designed different sizes for your individual needs. There is the Baby Q which is designed to cook for up to 6 people, then the Weber Q which can cater for up to 10 people, then the Family Q which is the equivalent of a 4-burner barbeque so the sky is the limit for entertaining possibilities.

Cooking is one of the great joys of life…when you have the time, so a Weber Q makes a lot of sense. Whether you are a seasoned barbequing bandit or you are trying your hand for the very first time. All Weber barbeques come with very detailed and simple instructions. The other thing we all like to do is travel. Why not combine your cooking and travelling passion? Weber can make it happen.

Cooking outdoors is not only good for different flavours, it’s also a way of relaxing, de stressing and getting everyone involved in the cooking process. Some of the best conversations have started around a barbeque. Instead of being in the kitchen, you can watch the kids play outside whilst you get the steak just right. For more information into the world of outdoor cooking go to They will have the right barbeque for you and all the fun accessories for your new outdoor cooking adventure.