Designer Kitchens – Create Your Own!

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designer kitchens

Let’s Get Started!

Your kitchen is a very personal space in your home, even though it is generally also the major thoroughfare.  Functionality and ease of living are key.

In your minds’ eye picture the use of your kitchen over the course of a few days.  How does everyone interact?  Does the fridge, cooktop and oven suit your families’ current needs?  Does everyone congregate in the one area to eat and if so is the furniture adequate?    Do you have enough functional cupboard space you can reach?  Many things to consider.  Imagine creating a wish list and starting all over again.  You can.



This area encompasses the space between the sink, stove and fridge.  It needs to be unencumbered.

The sink is the most used workstation so you need to start here.  From here, plan the easiest access to the fridge and stove.  Proximity to your counter space also needs to be taken into consideration.

To make things simple you need to begin at the sink.  This is the space from which everything else will generate.  Everyone will say to you “Your sink must go there because that’s where your plumbing is”.  Rubbish.  Call a plumber and change the location of the pipes.  Move pipes now and avoid sink location remorse later.



Most people think they haven’t got a lot of space to work with.  This may be the case but change your thought process so you can motivate yourself to come up with alternative solutions.  You may wish to consider overhead cupboards if you do not currently have them.  Drawers, as opposed to cupboards, is the best space saving idea in the world of kitchen design.  It also stops things getting shoved to the back of the cupboards and forgotten about.

You can also work with extra-long cabinets.  Do you have a lot of bulky items to store, such as food processors or extra-large pots?  Just make sure the drawers are high enough to give the bigger items enough clearance.  Install cabinets over the fridge if you don’t already have them.



Under cabinet lighting can set a very soft and relaxing mood.  Have good lighting above your work area but apart from that make the lights small, warm and non-descript.  Avoid low hanging lights.  They may look funky but they will be in your way when trying to have conversations or may get knocked when trying to clear the table or get up from the table.

The wonderful thing about lighting is if you make a mistake you change them.  Be careful, you can change light fittings but not locations so make sure you have the location of kitchen furniture and benchtops locked down.



Builders will attest to the fact that splashbacks are far more popular than tiles these days.  They are easy to clean, usually hide a multitude of sins if you are not a regular cleaner and you can choose a colour you really want to set the tone of your kitchen.  Consider them bordering the whole kitchen space including behind the sink.


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