What is Indirect Cooking?

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indirect cooking

The best way to describe the term indirect cooking is to describe it as “low and slow”.  There are different settings that need to be adopted with indirect cooking and step one is TIME.  Your dinner cooking process will possibly start in the morning.

There are some unique aspects to Weber BBQ that make indirect grilling a point of difference and a preferred cooking method.

Having the inside of your Weber Q clean is paramount to safe indirect grilling.  Flare-ups are a common problem when it comes to dirty BBQs.  Having a flare up is the total opposite to indirect cooking.  Scrape out anything that is trapped in the cook box.  Emptying the drip tray is also a good idea.

Weber Qs have porcelain enamel cast iron grates that retain the heat.  As long as the grill is preheated for a period of time on a low setting it will keep the meat surrounded by a minimal heat that is essential to indirect grilling.

Preheating on low is essential.  With all other forms of cooking we are instructed to preheat on high so again, as always with Weber cooking, we need to think outside the square and trust the expert’s advice.  By preheating on low, the grates will not be burning hot which is what would happen if we were to preheat on high.  This allows us to keep the grill at a really low temperature.

A foil pan and grilling pan also prevent direct heat radiating onto the meat.  If you combine the foil pan with the grilling pan, it allows you to lift the food off the foil pan.  This again will reduce the heat cooking the food to quickly.  The best use of this method is to turn the grilling pan upside down on top of the foil pan.  This then leaves a small gap between the two, making the cooking process even slower.

Low and slow cooking is a terrific way to get yourself acquainted with the different flavoured wood chips available through Weber.  Using the indirect grilling method will not change the moistness or succulence of the meat.  The eating experience will be superb.  The only decision you have to make is which smoked flavour you prefer.  A wood chip box will not fit in the Q so Weber recommends wrapping up some chips in foil and poking holes in it to let the flavours travel through the meat.

Soak the chips in water for approximately 30 minutes before wrapping them in the foil.  This will help activate the smoking process once the grill has been heated.  Once the preheating process has taken place, put the foil-wrapped chips in either the back left or right-hand corner of the cooking grate.  The chips will start smoking in about 10 minutes.  This will release a wonderful smoky flavour into your meat.  Good low and slow meats to experiment with are ribs, whole chickens and roasts.

Start creating your next BBQ masterpiece from the Weber BBQ range.