The Best Tips to Keep Your Weber Clean

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01 Weber BBQ opened

Cleaning tips for your Weber BBQ

It doesn’t matter if you’re a daily Weber user or a committed weekend warrior, your Weber needs a little regular attention to ensure its top quality performance. There are a number of things that should be checked every time before you cook as well as things that can be done every now and then. 

An example of a must do every time you cook would be to scrape the grill bars with a grill brush before you cook to ensure you don’t have residue from your last meal on your next meal. After this, wiping over the grill with damp paper towels or cloth will remove any remaining food or grease making certain that there is a clean area to cook on. 

You also need to check the disposable drip tray underneath the cooker. If there is a layer of grease inside the tray it needs to be replaced, otherwise this may create the perfect environment for a fat fire.

Soak your Cast Iron Cooking Grates

Simply remove the grates from the cooker and place them in warm soapy water, then give them a scrub with a nylon scourer.

Maintaining your Cleaning Equipment

Weber also supply a range of cleaning accessories to make the job easier. These include:

  • Weber Grill Brush
  • Weber All purpose BBQ cleaner
  • Weber Stainless steel and metal protector
  • Weber Scraper

If any of the accessories are matted, broken, bent, greasy or clogged, they need to be replaced. The accessory won’t be cleaning effectively and it will also be a possible contamination hazard.

02 Weber Grill brush

Lid and Bowl

After removing all debris from the grilling part and undercarriage of the BBQ, it is now time to clean above. There will definitely be some baked on residue here and you will need to take steps to remove it. 

It is important to use only non caustic based sprays when cleaning the inside and outside of the lid. Weber have an all purpose BBQ cleaner that will be perfect for the job. 

Checking the Gas Lines

Use the soapy water method every time you change gas bottles. This test will ensure the safety of the unit as it checks the gas connections and hoses to confirm there are no gas leaks.

  1. Place some soapy water in a spray bottle, bucket or bowl.
  2. Turn on the LPG bottle WITHOUT turning on the BBQ.
  3. Coat the entire valve, hose assembly and regulator with the soapy water.
  4. To test properly, you must test the whole assembly from the gas bottle valve to where the gas hose attaches to the BBQ.
  5. When you are finished you can rinse the bottle with clean water to remove any soap residue.

If there is a gas leak, bubbles will form and you may also smell gas. If this happens, turn off the gas bottle and leave disconnected until you check the safety of the replacement gas bottle, hose and regulator.


Checking Ignitor

The last important check is the ignitor. If it is functioning properly, it should light straight away and burn as normal.

Step by Step General Cleaning

  1. Open lid and remove cooking grills
  2. Brush over the burners with you stainless steel grill brush. This will clean and clear the holes in the burner tubes.
  3. Using the Weber scraper, scrape out the cookbox. It is important to scrape as much food and grease waste into the disposable tray underneath. This should be done when the BBQ is cool. 
  4. Discard and replace the drip pan underneath the BBQ when necessary. It is time to place the pan when a layer of grease and remnants form. This collects the majority of any cooking debris and has the potential to create a fat fire. Also change the pan if you are about to cook fatty food such as pork.