Use Weber Recipes to Extend Your Cooking Style

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There are many different foods and flavours these days. We are now a global community and food is no exception. There are so many different cuisines to choose from. They all seem to have a foundation and origin for which they are known. The Italians have pasta, the Greeks have slow cooked meat, the Chinese have all their beautiful spices and sauces. The list goes on and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. How can we narrow it down? Why not use the Weber recipe guide?

Weber has a wide selection of dishes and cuisines and is adding to them all the time. It can even tell you if the recipes are for the beginner or the seasoned cook. The methods and ingredients instructions are very clear and concise. The pictures will give you a great indication of what you can expect when your dish is complete. You will find yourself giving dishes a go because of the ease of the guide.

Weber also have an extensive accessories range. They are purpose built for the safety and enjoyment of the Weber cooking community. There are specific roasting dishes which maximise space according to the bbq you have.

Pizza stones, thermometers, drip trays, gloves, griddles, rotisseries, side tables, gas gauges, handle lights and much more. All of which are designed to enhance your cooking experience.

Weber has a fabulous charcoal cooker known as the Weber Kettle. It is portable and easy to use. Weber also supplies all the accessories to compliment cooking with the Kettle, including different flavoured smoking chips. Charcoal cooking is a real art and easy to master with the easy cooking guide you receive when buying the Weber Kettle.

All the wonderful Weber recipes and accessories are available to view and purchase on the John Alan website