Weber Accessories

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We also have the all-important Weber accessories to complement you cooking skills.

Where do I find the right sized drip tray? You will not believe the range of Weber accessories we carry through the range, including the Weber Gas or Charcoal BBQ.

What are key Weber Accessories?

The basics

All barbeques have a cookbook that complements your choice of cooker.  A cook book is a great idea for inspirations and ideas.  Get the family involved, sit around and let everyone pick a meal they want to create on the new family cooker.

  • An apron – no explanation necessary, it’s just a matter of how many
  • Barbecue Mitt – when was the last time you didn’t burn your fingers on the barbeque?
  • Weber Thermometer – it’s the only way to give everyone that perfect steak or cook your roast exactly the way you like it
  • Barbeque tools – Weber have a great quality range, choose what you think you will use the most
  • Barbeque cover – you’ve just gone to the trouble of choosing a great investment.  Make sure it’s protected from the elements
  • Basting Brush – a great way to introduce different flavours and marinates
  • Q Cleaner
  • Cookbox scraper
  • Drip Pans
  • Heavy Duty Cooking Grill
  • Cast Iron Griddle
  • Pizza Stone

Info on Books Online

All of the Weber Q range come with a handy instructional DVD.

If you are looking for some barbequing information, the Weber website is very user friendly and has a section for recipes so you can create something different with a step by step guide provided by Weber.

If you like something to flick through, Weber also has many books online to complement your outdoor cooking.

Click here to view the whole range of accessories.

Weber Accessories
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Weber Accessories
All-important Weber accessories to complement you cooking skills, from aprons to pizza stones. We have it all.