Weber Q

This is Weber’s biggest seller.  Advantages of the Weber Q is that it can be portable, table mounted or for a more permanent fixture, fitted to a patio cart.

You’ll have the versatility to create a roast, stir fry, pizzas, vegetarian breakfasts, cakes, puddings, muffins and more!  It’s just like having an outside oven.

Anyone can cook just about anything on the Weber Q.

Imagine never having to clean the oven again, so you can keep your kitchen free from stale cooking odours and smells.

There is the Weber Q, the Baby Q and the Family Q.  All have slightly different features for you cooking requirements and entertaining needs.  There is even a Built–In Weber Family Q for those who want to build their outdoor entertaining around the Weber Q.

Weber Charcoal

There is one simple reason for choosing a Weber Charcoal barbeque and that is the taste is so much better.  The charcoal emits heat, as well as an aroma which smokes the meat so you end up with that unique flavour.

Charcoal barbecuing gives it that rich smokey flavour that we all love. With different smoking chips available, you can play around with different flavours to complement your meal.

It also provides a really healthy option, as all the fat falls from the meat into the fat tray. Anything you would cook on a normal bbq can be cooked on a charcoal bbq.

Cooking with charcoal is very economical and if the briquettes are stored in a cool dry place, their shelf life is infinite.

Weber Gas

The Weber Gas bbq range offers a range that best suits your on-site barbecuing needs.  If you prefer the Weber bbq to be the focal point of your outdoor entertaining, there are models available that can be built in.

Most people are used to and comfortable with, a gas barbeque for their outdoor cooking needs.  Weber recognise this and have come up with some great choices for your barbecuing pleasure.

Weber Premium Gas barbecues centre itself around a unique burner system like no other barbecue on the market. It’s this patented Flavorizer™ system that distinguishes it from all the others.

With their unique and patented cooking systems, you’ll be serving that famous Weber bbq flavour to every meal.