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Weber Grill & Accessories


Weber research and road test all their products to make sure the customer is getting the very best product money can buy.  They are specialised products for a specialised process.  There is also a great deal of common sense applied to Weber grill accessories.  Take for example the pizza plate.  I don’t know about you, but I know I have struggled to try to get the pizza to stay in place while I attempt to get the paddle underneath it to remove the pizza from the cooker.  The Weber pizza plate has raised sides to combat this very problem.  You have lighting out the back, right?  So why can’t you see exactly what’s going on with the food on the Weber grill?  That’s because the light isn’t directed onto the hotplate.  Unless of course, you have a Weber light that sits on your hood and directs light onto the food.  Good thinking Weber!

Getting the best food from your Weber BBQ and maintaining the appliance easily, is a priority for the people at Weber.  So, they have devised some fantastic accessories that will keep your Weber clean and in operation to produce the very best barbequed food possible.

Want to know what you’ll need as a griller starter kit?  Weber has made it easy.

Premium Basting Mop
This tool speciality lies in the soaking up of even the thinnest sauce and then thoroughly bastes your chosen meat.

Deluxe basting Brush
The advantage of this brush is the after grilling sauce it can loving lash upon your beautifully cooked meat. It is also dishwasher safe with the silicone bristles so no messy cleanup.

Potato Nail Set
Great for grilling fluffy, fully cooked potatoes every time! The stainless-steel nails ensure even cooking throughout any root vegetables. Included is a tool for quick removal of the hot nails from the potato.

Deluxe Tool Kit
In this set are included your spatula and tongs. The two essentials for grill cooking. The tongs lock in so no slipping and sliding meat!

Deluxe Skewer Set

The versatility of skewers with a BBQ is unquestionable. What to do for the vegetarian guests? Find out their preferred vegetables and make them up a veggie medley with some fresh herbs. For the meat lovers continue with the vegetable sequence and stab some of their meat and favourite marinate onto the skewer at certain intervals. The perfect way to entertain even your fussiest friends. But how can you impress the kids? Cook some bananas, add some ice cream, topping and nuts and voila! Banana splits! These skewers have plush plates which hold your food in place so the ingredients don’t fall apart when you turn them. It also allows you to push the food off the skewer without having to touch the hot metal.

Bamboo Skewers

Bamboo skewers offer the same versatility but provide a little more safety in that the wooden skewers will not heat up like the metal ones. This will allow the kids to cook marshmallows without the danger of hot metal. A trick to stop the bamboo skewers from burning is to soak them in cold water before placing any food on them.

Premium Tongs

The Weber premium tongs don’t only move your lovely food around, they can also rearrange charcoal if needed. They have a no-slip-grip and the long arm to protect you from the flame.

Premium Spatula

The difference between a useful spatula and a less durable one is it can carefully turn the most delicate fish or the biggest steak. This is the quality you will get with the Weber spatula. It also has a no-slip handle so those juicy burgers come straight from the grill and land on the bun, not the floor.

Sear Grate

Time to impress the guests. That restaurant quality look of the criss-cross on the steak can be created with the Weber sear grate. It does have a practical use too. It seals in the flavour and moisture for your beautifully cooked food.

Pizza Paddle

The Weber pizza paddle has specially designed edges to capture the crust of your pizza easily and prevent tearing. The paddle size will accommodate any size pizza and being stainless steel will clean easily.

Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter has an extra tall wheel to get through even the thickest crust. Some pizza cutters destroy the topping when dragged through the ingredients. Not the Weber pizza cutter, thick or thin your masterpiece will stay on the crust.

Premium Pincers

For the uninitiated, pincers help with the delicate jobs on the grill, like the prawns or scallops wrapped in bacon. The Weber pincers have long non-slip handles to deal with the fragile delicacies. They are designed to deal with the most delicate morsels on your grill. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them!