History of the Weber BBQ

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weber history

Weber History and When it all Began


Weber history dates back to the 1950s when George Stephens gave life to the Weber Kettle BBQ.  It all started in a sheet metal factory owned by the Weber Brothers when he designed the dome-shaped charcoal BBQ.

The popularity of George’s invention took off and in 1954 he took them to shopping centres around the country and watched as America fell in love with the Weber Kettle.  It was in this year the first Weber logo was born.

So popular became the Weber Kettle, the sheet metal factory was now a dedicated manufacturing plant for the barbeque of choice.  George had bought the factory from Weber.

In 1960, the brand was growing rapidly.  The mid-west was now a barbequing hub and the choice of the grill was the Weber.  The word was now spreading across the whole country.  Just as the generic term for vacuuming became hoovering in the UK, Weber became the generic word for a BBQ grill in the USA.


The 70’s created another piece of Weber History


There was more to come.  There was a whole market George Stephen had not tapped into yet, the gas market.  However, that was all about to change.  Weber history made another induction in 1971 when he introduced the first gas grill.

Weber grills were looking to branch out.  It was time to go global, but who in the world loves a barbeque as much as the Americans? The Australians!  So in 1978 Ross McDonald/R McDonald and Co became the registered distributors for Weber in Australia.  And so the partnership was formed and a very successful and popular export came to Australia.  It would complement our favourite downtime activity perfectly.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any bigger, George Stephen designed the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.  If there is something Yanks and Aussies love just as much as barbecuing their food, it’s smoking it!

Weber kettles were a speciality item and therefore their best form of the display was a demonstration.  This strategy paid off as in 1986 Weber grill sales peaked at 80 000 in Australia.  This surpassed their Weber Q sales in 2009.


The 80’s brought you the Weber Cookbook


When you have such a popular cooking vessel how do you complement it?  With a cookbook.  In 1988 Weber can out with the Complete Australian Weber Kettle Barbeque Cookbook.

The grill variations don’t stop there though.  In 1990 the Performer Charcoal Grill came into being and in 1992 George invented the V grate and separate charcoal baskets so to give the consumer more versatility with their charcoal grilling system.  In 1997 the Weber flat top barbeque was released into the Australian market.  It was an extremely professional and aesthetically attractive BBQOutdoor entertaining was now really taking off and Weber was on the crest of the wave.

Weber crashed in the 2000’s with their current logo and introduced the Weber Q gas grill range.  There would be a Weber for any occasion, any place at any time.  2005 saw the introduction of the Baby Q and in 2005 the Complete Australian Weber Barbeque Cookbook reached 250 000 sales.

In 2012 the Genesis E-330 was released in Australia, the newest iteration in the Weber range.  The releases continued in 2013 with the travel anywhere Jumbo Joe Portable BBQ.  In 2014 the latest addition to the Weber Q range was unleashed.  Then in 2015, the Weber Q Family was completed with the Weber Built In.

Weber is the masters of reinvention and great customer service.  So what will be added next and make it into Weber history?